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HALTV (HALAL TV) is a Muslim lifestyle channel focused on inspiring, educating, entertaining and engaging the Nigeria Muslims mostly the youths about Islam and its teachings providing quality Islamic contents which can met up with the high standard of mainstream broadcasting.
HALTV promises to provide strictly quality Islamic content ranging from education, art, culture, fashion, art, achievements, films, documentary for the intelligent, creative, cultured Muslims in Nigeria and diaspora.
HALTV is starting up this Ramadan with a 30 minutes program HABIBI RAMADAN aimed at educating the Muslims about the blessings of Ramadan. HABIBI Ramadan is a taste of what is coming and more on the HALTV channel.
Our show this Ramadan include:

  1. One hundred Muslim one question: Iftar with the Hijabi chef :
  2. Halaqa with sheik :
  3. Learn Tajweed in five
  4. Ramadan specials
  5. Ask the muslims
  6. Ramadan Nasheeds
  7. Ramadan short films

Jazakallahu Khayr ...welcome to unlimited halal content streaming

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